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Eibach Pro-Truck-Lift Stage 1 for 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner (E80-82-073-01-22)

Eibach Pro-Truck-Lift Stage 1 for 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner (E80-82-073-01-22)


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Product Description

Eibach's PRO-TRUCK-LIFT STAGE 1 combines our lift springs and sport shocks with height adjustable clips for increased tire clearance and improved on-and-off road performance. Looking for a lift kit system that will achieve optimal performance both on and off-road? The Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 1 system was designed and engineered to do just that. This advanced suspension system is engineered to deliver maximum ride height without compromising the integrity of your factory bushings, ball joints, and other components.

The Stage 1 system's PRO-LIFT-KIT springs are manufactured using race-winning off-road spring technology, ensuring maximum durability and performance. The system's monotube design, 46mm pistons, nitro-coated rod, and heavy-duty zinc coating provide superior performance, while factory control arms prevent accelerated wear to ball joints and bushings.

Achieve the perfect suspension setup on your vehicle with our clip-height adjustable shocks. Clip-height adjustability allows for precise adjustments to the ride height of your vehicle. By simply adjusting the clip position on the shock body, you can fine-tune your suspension to suit your driving needs. This flexibility allows you to compensate for changes in load and ride height caused by added weight.


Product Key Features

  • Lift heights ranging from 0-3" depending on application
  • Developed to provide balanced ride quality and control, both on and off-road
  • Increased travel and ground clearance
  • Monotube damper design
  • Clip-height adjustability
  • Matched system of lift springs and shocks designed for increased travel and performance
  • Provides balanced ride quality control and off-road capability
  • Manufactured by Eibach using off-road race spring technology and OE quality standards
  • Shocks individually tested for matched performance in each corner
  • Made by Eibach in the USA
  • Million-Mile Warranty


Product Specifications

Brand: Eibach
Product Category: Suspension Components
Product Type: Lift Kits
Position: Front and Rear
Height Adjustment (Front): +2.75"
Height Adjustment (Rear): +1.0"


Product Documents

Product Installation Guide
Product Warranty


Product Applications

Year Make Model
2009 Toyota 4Runner
2008 Toyota 4Runner
2007 Toyota 4Runner
2006 Toyota 4Runner
2005 Toyota 4Runner
2004 Toyota 4Runner
2003 Toyota 4Runner


Product Brand Information

Eibach products are created to meet the extreme requirements of racing, from the 245-mph Mulsanne straight of Le Mans to the fender-to-fender combat of the Daytona Motor Speedway. The chassis of a production vehicle is designed to be built at a minimum cost, and suited for an "average driver". We enthusiasts, however, are anything but average. We know what we want from a vehicle. We want immediate response, reduced body roll, increased stability and enhanced cornering ability. And we want the look that comes with those characteristics-a lower, more muscular, more athletic stance. The special skills of Eibach engineers are in the tuning of the individual components (springs, dampers and stabilizers) to achieve the best possible harmony between the driver, the automobile and the road.